I am Sheena Boll

Punjabi `kudi’ Sheena Boll has stormed a male bastion. This London performer who excels in making people dance to her tune is quite unlike the traditional dholi (person playing the dhol) clad in a kurta, tehmat (dhoti) and a vibrant hued turban. But this only adds to her appeal. This nimble science teacher may wear jeans instead of a tehmat, but when she gets going, her drum beats get the people foot thumping and ready to groove. The Punjabi kudi has balanced her profession and interest well. Today, Sheena stands out as a special educational needs science teacher and for her theme-based beats. This is what we would call “A true beauty with brains”.

Sheena Boll Desi Dholi Pujaban UK artist

My Background

I was born to a loving Punjabi family with traditional values. With the help and support of my parents and siblings, I was able to devote my time to play Dhol and continue with my passion. Its the sound of the instrument itself that drives me to play it and keeps me in a zone that helps me get better every time I follow it.

I credit my success to my parents Ajit Singh Boll and Gurbachan Kaur Boll, who had migrated to the UK in 1970 from Balachaur in Nawanshahr district.  Being a British Citizen by birth, I still feel that I am a very ‘desi’ girl at heart and love Punjabi culture. It is because of my culture, religion and family that I can continue to play.

Dhol brings out the best in everyone and lets you forget all your troubles. It brings you into a dancing mood and the beat makes your body respond. I play dhol because I love the effect it has on people, making them joyous and happy.

There is nothing more important than to bring happiness to others and by playing dhol, I am able to do just that. I am grateful to the almighty who gave me this talent and opportunity to be able to perform in front of others and spread happiness…

My Education

Education has played an important part in my life and still continues to be a priority.

 I attended an all girls school leaving with 12 GCSE grades. I then went on to study A level chemistry, biology and business studies at Seven Kings High School in London. My first graduation was in 2003 and I was awarded a 2:1 in pharmaceutical chemistry at Queen Mary’s University of London.

My second graduation was at Worcester Cathedral in 2010 for completing a GTP in all three sciences up to A level. I was also awarded recognition at the House of Commons in 2011 for becoming one of the highest achieving science graduates, achieving outstanding progress during the Graduate Teacher Programme.

I hold a diploma in child and adolescent counselling and am also a member of The Royal Society of Chemistry.

So if you were to write my name with all my initials, it would read something like:


Sheena Boll Desi Punjaban Dholi
Sheena Boll Desi Punjaban Dholi

My Talent

I started playing about 17 years ago and once I learnt how to play Dhol effectively to drum up musical beats, I began to participate in community events like the annual Baisakhi Nagar Kirtan as well as myriad cultural functions, including one stellar show at the Millennium Dome.

In less than one year of playing dhol publicly I hit international news through playing dhol to Mundeya to bachke rahi, a video which currently stands at over 60,000 shares and nearly 2 million views.

In a period of about two years of playing Dhol professionally, I have gained a following of over 30,000 fans as a solo artist. This number continues to grow.

I like to perform at social events and am available for all celebratory events, all over the world.

Once again, I am grateful to the almighty who has given me this talent to spread joy and happiness all over the world.

Sheena Boll Desi Dholi Punjaban UK
Sheena Boll Desi Dholi Punjaban